2013 Sorghum Variety Trial Results

2011 SD Grain Sorghum Yield Triall

2012 SD Sorghum Yield Trial

2014 Dwayne Beck Managing Agricultureal Ecosystems

The Power Behind Crop Rotations

Dryland Rotations through 2012
Sample Diversity Index and Intensity Rating Calculations
No-Till Rotation Systems for Wheat Production
Successful No-Till on the Central and Northern Plains
No-Till in the Mud
The Key to Successful No-Till
South Dakota Partnership for No-Till Systems Technology Transfer
No-Till Guidelines for Arid and Semi-Arid Prairies
Unifying Principles - Similarities Among Prairie Ecosystems
Northwest Direct Seed Conference Proceedings
No-Till Principles and Practices
Dakota Lakes Research Farm Rotation Study - Main Site, Hughes County
Wheat Commission Rotation Study - West River Farm
Dryland Rotations
Introduction and Overview of 2005
Growing Season Weather 2005
Dryland Rotations through 2005
Fungicide Options for Winter Wheat 2005
Winter Wheat Variety Trials 2005
Winter Wheat Breeding Project 2005, Amir Ibrahim
Nitrogen Management of Spring Wheat 2005
Fertilizer Placement in Irrigated Corn 2005
Christianson Coefficient of Uniformity applied to corn spacing 2005
Corn Planter Closing System Evaluation with Chart 2005
Individual Row Corn Planter Control 2005
Let Them Eat Cake (Pea Range Cake) 2005
Peas Article Q & A
Rotation Impact on Weeds at Pierre, Wall and Akron by Randy Anderson
Corn Bt Technology Comparisons 2005
No Till Guidelines - Beck & Doerr


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